3rd Party Reporting

Complete Anonymity

Employees can report incidents of concern to S3 directly, ensuring complete anonymity.

For the first time employees can confidentially report concerns to S3 while maintaining their anonymity and remain safe from peer ridicule and retribution.  S3 will assess the issue and provide a Report/Investigation/Solution to the employer for review. S3 acts on both parties’ behalf, maintaining anonymity on behalf of the employee while providing accurate information and solutions for the employer.

S3 can provide the balance between employer and employee. Trust between both parties can be established, healthy relationship building can be set in place, and the goal to obtaining a drug/alcohol free workplace can be achieved.male_silhouette

The identity of the complainant will never be revealed. This form of reporting provides sound optics and provides your company with the confidence it is implementing and reviewing every possible avenue to combat substance abuse in the workplace. Internal, company owned reporting programs do not provide the complainant with confidence in a true, safe and privileged conduit to report incidents of unsafe practices.